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Multiple-Choice Question

4/15/2009 03:17:00 PM by ashraf ghani

Alright. Here's how it goes..

1 mark for True, -1 for False. 0 for not answering.

Rational behind these? If you do not know, do not decide.

In real life experience. Will it be like this ?

1 good reputation for 1 good call.

Minus 1 good reputation for 1 bad call ?

And no reputation at all for not deciding ?

Naah.. I totally DISAGREE.

1 bad call cancels out all of the good reputations.

These bad calls include not deciding when you're ought to.

But, who cares about man's grading and reputations?

'Amr bin Al-'As, may Allah be pleased with him, reported:
I heard Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: When a judge gives a decision, having tried his best to decide correctly and is right, there are two rewards for him; and if he gave a judgment after having tried his best (to arrive at a correct decision) but erred, there is one reward for him.

So, future pharmacist, decide whenever you're obliged to. Err.. note the phrase "having tried his best to decide correctly" please. Lastly, prepare ourselves to become a 'judge'.