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Aisyah r.a. was 19 ??

3/31/2009 02:07:00 PM by ashraf ghani

Although this is not actually a big argument, but honestly, it has been an issue for me since the first time i heard that, our beloved Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h. married to a 6 year old child (Aisyah r.a.) and had been living with her when she reached 9... Believe it or not, this is from Sahih Bukhari... You can check. Google helps.

Thank you ALLAH for putting 'husnu zhon' to the Prophet p.b.u.h. inside of me and I thin
k in all of us, if the fact was true; with the theory of early maturity of girls during that time, normal Arab custom and etc..

This is how ALLAH shows His love to us and the Prophet himself. Moreover, the Prophet was the most perfect creature, Rahmatan lil a'lamin, Ma'sum and most importantly, He p.b.u.h., is the ALLAH's Lover. These are the facts that we cannot argue.

It hurts when we heard the Prophet is being labelled as pedophile or a man who is crazy for wealth as He is married to rich older women. But then, we stand with nothing to defend Him p.b.u.h. before the not knowing non-muslims.

And I felt released by these websites and blogs... Which I came across this morning... I still don't have much time to study the facts, since the exam and all... So, I let you guys, readers do the research if you have more time then I do...

It's not like I don't believe in Sahih Bukhari. In fact, the idea came from a Salafi websites... And wait up, don't judge yet, I'm not an extreme Salafi either... I believe in Muslim Brotherhood and Ummatan Wahidatan...


There were also proves and arguments regarding the age of Khadijah r.a. when she married to the Prophet, stating both of them was actually of the same age. 25 years old.

I'm not here to argue whether the fact is true or not. It's just that, if it was to be true, as a mere Muslim, it would have felt better...

Pray for may ALLAH enlighten us all...